Pure Purr-fection Millet Cat Litter - 2.5KG/6L

Experience the Freshness of Nature for Your Feline Friend's Health and Happiness

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Product Info

Introducing our Millet Cat Litter 2.5KG/6L – a premium choice for your feline friend’s well-being.

Natural Respiratory Health: Carefully selected and dried at high temperatures, our plant millet cat litter is meticulously dust-free, ensuring a fresh aroma and promoting long-term respiratory health for your cat.

Odor Elimination the Natural Way: Harness the power of natural active plant enzymes to conquer and decompose odors. Bid farewell to unpleasant smells from litter boxes and enjoy a home that stays as fresh as a daisy.

Flushable and Eco-Friendly: Crafted from pure millet plant materials, our cat litter dissolves in water, making toilet flushing a breeze. Say goodbye to worries about blockages and reduce cleaning time, all while being environmentally conscious.

Easy-to-Follow Instructions:

  1. Lay 6-8cm of cat litter in the tray.
  2. Scoop out waste daily to maintain a sanitary tray.
  3. Top up with fresh cat litter as needed.
  4. Monthly, give the tray a deep clean and disinfect.

Top Tips:

  • Use the product promptly after opening; for storage, seal the bag and keep it in a dry spot.
  • While flushable, avoid excessive flushing to prevent blockages.
  • Designed for pets, keep it away from curious kids to avoid accidental tasting.
  • If there’s no unpleasant smell, deterioration, or oddities, feel free to continue using the product, even if there’s a bit of air escaping.

Elevate your feline’s experience with our premium plant-powered cat litter – because nothing says ‘I love my cat’ like a fresh-smelling home and a happy, healthy kitty!”